Our DARE Model

Our Delivery Model

Eratronics, in a short span of time has created and delivered reliable, advanced telecom solutions by using evolving technologies for the utilities market. Our endeavor and goal is to provide end-to-end dedicated networks solution that is cost effective, technically superior and long-lasting.

We follow the ‘DARE’ Model, our core business philosophy which ensures that our customers always get more out of their investment and engagement with us. DARE stands for – Design Engineering, All-Weather Integration, Rigorous Testing and Effective Maintenance.

Design Engineering

Design Engineering forms the core of our integrated solutions. We deeply understand our customers requirements and provide a comprehensive yet robust design engineering, detailed to the minutest wire. Our design solutions are all-encompassing- best solutions from multiple vendors that meet even the most stringent project requirements.

All-Weather Integration

Systems Integration forms the core of our business solution, hence we make sure that we provide our customers an all-encompassing turnkey solution. Our dedicated systems integration specialists and robust infrastructure ensure that we are ready and available round-the-clock, irrespective of time and place.

Rigorous Testing

We understand the critical nature of myriad telecommunication systems and solutions we provide. Our years of experience in this field has enabled us to test each system to its optimum level before handing it over to the customer. Rigorous pre-testing of systems and equipment guarantees safety, faster delivery and assembly which in turn reassures the customer and makes us save precious time and energy.

Effective Maintenance

One of the key aspects of our business philosophy is to support our customers long after we have executed the project. Hence we provide them effective maintenance of their systems, help them run their business seamlessly at all costs.

Our ‘DARE’ delivery model is also a literal representation of being courageous, taking risks and making a bold statement through our work, commitment and customer first approach.

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